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**Please note that God of Wonders is a VBS Curriculum. Therefore, in the curriculum will have a more time structured outline and additional components that are not listed here, in addition to the lesson. If there is any questions regarding this Curriculum please contact the Church**

To teach children the meaning of providence—how God is personally directing the events of today to accomplish His purpose in the future. God protected Moses and raised him up as a great leader to deliver God’s people from bondage. But the events of these two rescues, cannot be compared to the ultimate deliverance of God in saving the world. In these two stories, the unseen hand of God orchestrated the timely events that would ultimately prepare the world for the greatest deliverance of all—deliverance from sin and eternal death.

 To help children identify the treasure Moses saw in his future that would cause him to give up all the riches of Egypt. As an Egyptian, he had everything the heart could desire—fame, fortune and all the glories of the world at his disposal; as a Hebrew, he would experience slavery, poverty, and the abuse of evil taskmasters. Only a great treasure could make it worth the sacrifice. Moses knew that the Egyptians’ reward was temporary, but the treasure of God’s mercy and goodness was eternal.

Moses asked God two questions: 1) “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”, and 2) “What should I tell them when they ask for your name?” God’s response to Moses was, “I AM WHO I AM.” In this lesson, God reveals mysteries about Himself to Moses: “I am” the one who hears (Exodus 3:7); “I am” the one who rescues (Exodus 3:8); “I am” the one who reigns over Pharaoh’s heart (Exodus 8:19); “I am” the one who enables a person to carry out my plans (Exodus 4:11-12); “I am” the one who makes the impossible possible; and “I am” the one who is the mastermind behind the great story of deliverance.

To help children understand that the plagues God sent in Egypt proved that He is faithful, merciful, powerful, and the only true God.

 To explain how God led the Israelites from Egypt and saved them from Pharaoh’s army by miraculously parting the waters of the Red Sea.