Welcome! We invite you to experience everything our Children’s Ministry has to offer your family! We strive to provide a fun, engaging and safe Christ-centered learning environment. Our program is designed for children of all ages to facilitate their spiritual growth and cultivate their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Our Core Values:

We provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all children in our ministry through our screening process for every volunteer.
Biblically Based:
Our weekly lessons are Biblically based and presented in a creative, meaningful way intended to help children apply it to their daily lives. Additionally we challenge kids with weekly Bible verse memorization and even offer incentives to the children who participate.
Relationship Centered:
Our classroom environments are designed to help children build relationships with their peers, teachers and most importantly, Jesus Christ.
We provide a fun environment for children of all ages to learn, grow and develop friendships.
We hope your family will be blessed, encouraged and excited about the many programs and events we offer.

Things you should know!

If you are interested in visiting our church for the first time, here are a few things you should know:
  1. We are meeting In-Person again!
  2. Due to not being able to social distance, we ask that all kids wear a mask and a face shield(we have them available if needed).
  3. Sunday school starts at 10:00am on Sunday Morning, Sign-In starts at 9:45am!
  4. Pick up is within 10 minutes of the Main Service Ending!
  5. We encourage all students and parents to participate in homework or follow up activities.
  6. If you would rather your children not participate in In-Person Sunday School, we have Bible Studies and Worship Videos available below!

Our Teachers!

Sarah Underwood
Children’s Church Coordinator
Betty Hitchcock
Latoya Vasquez
If you have any questions, you can reach out to Sarah by sending an email to kids@calvarywv.org
If you are interested in serving in this Ministry please speak with our Children’s Church Coordinator, Sarah Underwood and Click Here to fill out the Ministry Application!

Online Sunday School Activities